State Visual Arts Contest

Congratulations to our high school and middle school artists whose artwork was selected to be exhibited at the State Visual Arts Gallery in the Class “A” division at the state basketball tourneys in Rapid City on March 14-16!  

Thirty-seven schools and 330 art pieces were represented in the State Class “A” division.

Drawing—Sami Schumacher—Grade 12, “Two Interpretations.”

Drawing (Colored)—Cadence Stewart—Grade 10, “Red Velvet.”

Painting (Oil and Acrylic)—Ashleigh Colford—Grade 10, “Dark Horse.”

Painting (Watercolor)—Kaylen Hoffbeck—Grade 12, “Bottled Up Inside.”

Photography—Nikita Renken—Grade 11, “Picatsso.”

Print Making—Sadie Huot—Grade 12, “Summer Rings.”

3 Dimensional (3D)—Lane Klarenbeek—Grade 8, “The Fire King.”  Congratulations to Lane who placed 3rd at State in 3D/Sculpture.

Crafts—Emma Hepner—Grade 12, “Unbroken.”

Traditional Cultural Art—McKenna Gylfe—Grade 12, “Wildflower.”

Digital Media/Graphic Design—Jordyn Johnson—Grade 11, “Belle Femme (French—Beautiful Woman).”

Mixed Media—Kaylen Hoffbeck—Grade 12, “Observing the Universe’s Pieces.”  Congratulations to Kaylen who placed 2nd at State in Mixed Media.

Functional Ceramics—Marina Strom—Grade 11, “Cup of Determination.”

Beresford School District’s K-12 Art Teacher is Mrs. Julie Saugstad!

Twelve categories have been established for the State Visual Arts contest.  The following are the approved categories that may be used for the State Visual Arts Contest Gallery.

1. Drawing: The Drawing category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Pencil, Charcoal, Ink, and Scratchboard.

2. Drawing Colored: The Drawing Colored category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Oil pastels, colored chalks, colored ink, etc.

3. Painting (Oil and Acrylic): The Painting category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Oil or Acrylic.

4. Painting (Watercolor): The Painting category must be presented in one of the following mediums: Watercolor. Pencil construction lines are allowed; any other added materials not being watercolor, will not be allowed in this category.

5. Photography: The Photography category must present a single photograph entry with limited manipulation. Limited manipulation will consist of minor exposure corrections only. Photographs can be digital or non-digital, and can be either color or black and white.

6. Print making: The Print Making category includes relief printing, silk screening, intaglio, processed hard copy print, etc. 

7. 3 Dimensional: The 3 Dimensional category may be presented in one of the following mediums: clay, metals, wood, fibers, etc.

8. Crafts: The Crafts category includes crafts such as book arts, paper crafts, stained glass, fibers, etc.

9. Traditional Cultural Art: This category will include artwork of an ancestral technique to be indigenous to a specific culture, such as Native American beadwork, Norwegian woodcarving, Asian Batik, American quilt making, etc.  

10. Digital Media/Graphic Design: This category includes any artwork that is computer generated, such as logo work, poster design, artwork using design software, etc.

11. Mixed Media: This category includes artwork that employs multiple media and/or collage that would not fit into a drawing or painting category and must have two or more mediums combined to create a finished product.

12. Functional Ceramics: This category will include containers and/or items that could have a functional use and are made of clay, plaster, or porcelain such as cups, bowls, vases, plates, bookends, and other such items. *Functional Ceramics are not permitted in the 3D or Craft categories.