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The Beresford High School and Middle School Oral Interpretation Team is off to a great start having completed two tournaments on Oct. 8 in Harrisburg and Oct. 10 in Garretson.

There are 36 Beresford students (grades 7-12) currently in the Oral Interp program and of those, 26 have competed in at least one tournament. The local contest is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 7 starting at 4:00 pm in several rooms of the high school.  All interested community members are invited to attend. Those students winning at the local will represent Beresford at the Regional Tournament in Vermillion on Nov. 16 and try to advance to the State Oral Interp Festival to be held Dec. 2-3 at Mitchell High School.

There were 22 Beresford students competing at the first tournament of the year, the Harrisburg Oral Interp Invitational at Harrisburg High School on Saturday, Oct. 8.  Award winners included: Humor-Max Josko, Superior and Max Kinney, Excellent; Drama-Isabella Russo, Superior; Poetry-Jameson Quimet, Excellent; Duet Acting, Emma Andrews and Kennedy Merrigan, Top Superior; Laney Andrews and Max Josko, Top Superior; Allie Westra and Keely Merrigan, Superior; and Nora Rasmussen and Jaycie Collins, Excellent; Non-original Oratory- Laney Andrews, Superior; Storytelling, Emma Andrews, Superior.

On Monday, Oct. 15 Beresford sent 14 competitors to the Big East Conference Oral Interp Tournament held at Garretson High School. Awards were given to the top six places in each interp category. Beresford was the only school attending that had middle school students competing against high school students from the other schools. Beresford winners included:
3rd place Non-original Oratory to sophomore Laney Andrews
2nd place Poetry to sophomore Jameson Quimet
4th place Drama to 8th grader Isabella Russo
1st place Storytelling to 8th grader Emma Andrews
1st place Duet Acting to 8th grader Emma Andrews and 7th grader Kennedy Merrigan
2nd place Duet Acting to sophomores Laney Andrews and Max Josko
5th place Humor to sophomore Max Josko

The Oral Interp Team is coached by former Beresford teacher Ann Tornberg.  Mrs. Tornberg is teaching a first-semester Speech and Debate Class and a first-quarter middle school Oral Interp Class. She also coaches Oral Interp, Speech, and Debate activities after school. Any students in grade 7-12 who are interested in any of these activities should contact Mrs. Tornberg to become involved.

On Monday, Oct. 10, 14 students from Beresford HS and MS attended the Big East Conference Oral Interp Tournament held at Garretson HS.

front row l to r: Lillie Boden, Mas Josko, Emma Andrews, and Laney Andrews.
Middle row: Bellamy Westra, Dakota Reis, Kennedy Merrigan, Ari Moulton, and Max Kinney.
Back Row: Kelan Borschel, Isabella Russo, Jameson Quimet, Juliet Josko, Henry Huether, and Mrs. Tornberg.

22 Beresford HS and MS students competed in the first Oral Interp contest of the season at Harrisburg HS on Sat. Oct. 8

Pictured l to r. front row: Haley Huot, Kennedy Merrigan, Xavier Picner, Henry Huether, Max Kinney, Ari Moulton, and Qeleigh Neuman.

Back row: l to r: Juliet Josko, Dakota Reis, Rya Merrigan, Ashlynn Rozeboom, Jaycie Collins, Nora Rasmussen, Allie Westra, Keely Merrigan, Laney Andrews, Max Josko, Emma Andrews, Jameson Quimet, Kylie Mockler, Espyn Klungseth, Mrs. Tornberg, and Isabella Russo.