Floor plan

Does the Beresford School District have a master facility plan and can the District afford capital outlay certificate payments? The Beresford School District maintains 10-year and 15-year facility plans. Within our plans, we consider our yearly needs and building maintenance needs. Based on a projected bond of $3.5 million and capital outlay certificates of $3.5 million, we would need to set aside roughly $330,000 yearly (for 15 years) to make our capital outlay certificate payments. Our bus barn payments will end in the fiscal year 2026. Our HVAC payments will end in the fiscal year 2025. As a result, the Beresford School District would still be able to address yearly needs and future projects based on the remaining dollars budgeted for each fiscal year.

Why do you need to renovate the multi-purpose room? We will need additional restrooms by adding gymnasium space to our existing infrastructure. Based on the building’s projected footprint and cost-effectiveness, remodeling the multipurpose room allows us to create an activity entrance area with updated and fully ADA-compliant restrooms, and an updated concessions stand. More so, we would be able to use the activity entrance, restrooms, and concession stands area for events in the new gym space and our existing gym space. Students would be able to dine in the renovated area during the school day. We would use our existing kitchen and lobby area to provide lunch service (e.g., dining would also happen in the renovated multipurpose room and lobby area). More so, we could utilize the renovated multipurpose room space for class meetings and other events that would allow an audience of 150-175 students. While we would lose the multipurpose room as a court, we would gain additional court space with the three cross-court layout of the gym addition. We mainly use the multi-purpose room for physical education courses, dining, practices (district and community), and sub-varsity competitions. During the day, we relocate high school or middle school physical education courses for dining setup and cleanup.  

For full project information, go to https://www.beresford.k12.sd.us/page/2022-bond-project.

The bond election is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at the Beresford City Library from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.