Congratulations to our Beresford High School cast and crew, who put on an enjoyable and memorable performance of Frankenstein by Victor Gianlanella (e.g., adapted from the novel by Mary Shelley)! Throughout the performances, audience members watched Frankenstein's internal struggle to find meaning in his existence, his place in the world, how to cope with loss, and Frankenstein's desire for companionship. Throughout the play, we see how Frankenstein becomes a monster because of the actions and events caused by others. 

The cast and crew set the ambiance with purposeful staging, calculated lighting effects, and timely special effects -small flares, lighting changes, and storm sound effects. Dr. Thomas Merriman directed the production. Dr. Merriman encouraged audience members to consider the following when viewing the production, "rather than judging a person by his or her cover, we should build a connection with him or her instead." When one thinks about the totality of the production, Beresford High School students and staff helped the audience put all of the parts together -pun intended.