Beresford School Board earns award for striving to enhance board knowledge

Beresford School Board earns award for striving to enhance board knowledge

Members of the Beresford School Board earned an award for their dedication to enhancing their knowledge of school board work during the 2020-21 school year.

The Beresford School Board earned a Bronze Level award for their participation in the Associated School Boards of South Dakota’s board recognition program: ALL, which stands for Act, Learn, Lead and honors the work of school boards who strived to enhance their knowledge base of board work.

By participating in ASBSD activities, training opportunities and demonstrating leadership at the local, state and national level, school boards accumulated points throughout the previous school year. To earn the Bronze Level award, the Beresford School Board accumulated 250 or more ALL points.

“We want to congratulate the Beresford school board for utilizing the previous school year to broaden their knowledge of school board work, which will undoubtedly benefit their students, staff and community,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.

The Beresford School Board received their ALL plaque this fall.

In the fifth year of the program, 77 public school boards, more than half of the public boards in South Dakota, earned an ALL award – the most in the history of the program.

“In a school year unlike any other in terms of challenges local school boards faced, we’re thrilled to recognize the time, effort, commitment and leadership put forth by board members,” Pogany said.

“A big thank you to all schools board for their work throughout the 2020-21 school year.”

ASBSD is a private, non-profit association representing more than 850 South Dakota school board members, the 149 schools they govern and the students they serve.

From Left to Right: Nathan Jensen, Russell Johnson and Chris Savey. Not pictured: Deb Bergland and Dan Erickson.