Hall of Fame

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, we welcomed Dr. Brenda Sternquist, Dr. Thomas Van Lent, Mrs. Jane Carlson, Mr. Keith Larson, Mr. Jim Babb, Mr. Robert (Bob) Frieberg, and the 1979 & 1980 Watchdog Football teams into the Watchdog Hall of Fame. 

Individual HOF

Cleavers catered the banquet, and Beresford Middle School students provided table service to banquet attendees. At 7:00 p.m., the induction ceremony started. The following individuals made comments regarding Hall of Fame inductees: Clarie Antonson (for Dr. Sternquist), Sharon Olbertson (for Dr. Van Lent), Kevin Nelson (for Mrs. Carlson), Jim Sorensen (for Mr. Larson & Mr. Babb), Jim Babb, Jerry Zeimetz, Curt Messler, and Larry Simpson (for the 1979 & 1980 Football Teams), and Tom Diefendorf (for Mr. Frieberg). 


Isabel DeLay, Lucy Farley, Mykenzie Farley, Gage Lyle, Isaiah Richards, Ashton Tjaden, and Anna Atwood served as Hall of Fame emcees. 

To help this tradition continue, we need your help. Please consider taking a few moments to nominate individuals or teams who have embodied or do embody excellence in the areas of academics, fine arts, athletics, and distinguished service/servant leadership. To nominate individuals or teams, you can complete our online nomination form (https://forms.gle/pmL8xTs4z1oZ... ) OR complete the PDF version (https://bit.ly/HoFpdfDawgs) and mail it to Dustin Degen (301 West Maple Street, Beresford, SD 57004) or email it to Dustin.Degen@k12.sd.us. 

2017 Inductees: Mrs. Ann (Goltz) Tornberg (academics), Mrs. Grace (Kylling) Kennedy (fine arts), Mr. Milo Winter (fine arts), Mr. Jim Heeren (athletics), Dr. Mara (McGill) Seier (athletics), Mr. Jim Sorensen (athletics), 1st Lieutenant Josef L. Thorne (athletics), and Mr. Cortland Carnes (distinguished service). 

2018 Inductees: Dr. Rosanne (Fitzgerald) Kirts (academics), Dr. Luke Nordquist (academics), Brigadier General Russ A. Walz (academics), Mr. Ted Heeren (fine arts), Mr. Scott Latendresse (fine arts), Mrs. Sandra (Erickson) Carnes (athletics), Mr. Koln Knight (athletics), Mr. Bob Young (athletics), and Dr. Helen (Kennedy) Grace (distinguished service). 

2019 Inductees: Mrs. Sharon Olbertson (academics), Dr. Peter Larson (academics), Mr. Dennis Hegg (Fine Arts), Mrs. Natalie (Carda) Board (athletics), Mr. Kenneth Bonte (athletics), 1979 Boys' Basketball (athletics), and Mr. Roger Price (distinguished service).  

2020 (2021) Inductees: Dr. Brenda Sternquist (academics), Dr. Thomas Van Lent (academics), Mrs. Jane Carlson (fine arts), Mr. Keith Larson (athletics), Mr. Jim Babb (athletics), 1979 & 1980 Football Teams (athletics), and Mr. Robert Frieberg (distinguished service). 

Interested in seeing some images from HoCo 2021 and our Hall of Event? If so, check out this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ibNvtdyUdjMUixrt6