Watchdog -Purple

The Beresford School District is excited to introduce our new hires for the 2021-2022 school year. We have 17 new staff members joining us. The Beresford School District is excited to welcome the following staff members to the district:

  • Mrs. Jean Akland -BMS/BHS Paraprofessional 
  • Ms. Teri Beeson -BES Paraprofessional 
  • Ms. Catie Ganschow -Kindergarten 
  • Mrs. Darla Hamm -Grade 2
  • Ms. Ashley Knudson -ELL Tutor 
  • Ms. Kallie Kocmich -BMS/BHS Paraprofessional
  • Mrs. Belinda Miller -BMS/BHS Principal
  • Ms. Jessica Paopao -BSD ELL Coordinator/Teacher
  • Mrs. Kristin Schmelling -BMS/BHS Vocal 
  • Ms. Alyssa Scott -BES Paraprofessional
  • Mr. Ben Short -Grade 4
  • Mrs. Debra Tjeerdsma -BMS/BHS SPED Life Skills
  • Mrs. Ann Tornberg -BHS Debate 
  • Ms. Trisha Voegeli -BMS/BHS Paraprofessional 
  • Mrs. Brittany Wessel -BHS English 
  • Mr. Matt White -BHS Spanish
  • Ms. Joelle Wood -BMS/BHS Paraprofessional

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