January 31, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff:

Due to the number of positive COVID-19 cases and identified close contacts who are in isolation or quarantine at our Middle School/High School, we will move to the RED level for academics and activities for our students in grades 6-12.

For the week of February 1-5, our Middle School/High School will be engaged in Remote Learning.  Our District has postponed or cancelled all practices, competitions, and activities for the week of February 1-6.  Our Elementary School will continue with in-person learning and bus service.

Middle School/High School students and parents, we need your help to get a handle on this to stop the spread so we can return to in-person learning and activities for our students.  Everyone, please practice social distancing, wear facial coverings, practice good hygiene, and monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.  

If your child is displaying symptoms, please contact your child’s medical provider and have them tested.  When students are not tested and they report to school not feeling well, the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission and continued spread exists.  

It is our hope as a District that this one-week “cooling off” period will provide some relief from additional COVID-19 spread amongst our students, staff, and activities.  Please work with our District so we can return to in-person learning and activities for all of our students.  If we are unable to slow or stop the spread, we will continue with remote learning and no activities.

Middle School/High School students, please check your school email as Dr. Degen will be sending you an email about the Remote Learning expectations for the week of February 1-5.  He will also be recording a phone call that will go out to all parents whose children are in grades 6-12.  Free to-go breakfast and lunch options for students in grades 6-12 will be included in Dr. Degen’s email to students.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding as we work through this very challenging situation.

Brian Field, Superintendent

Beresford School District