Return to School Survey Results

The Beresford School District had 286 responses to the Return to School Survey that represented 530 of our 700 students (75% response rate).  The parent feedback came from Jr. Kindergarten-9, Kindergarten-27, 1st Grade-43, 2nd Grade-50, 3rd Grade-45, 4th Grade-38, 5th Grade-48, 6th Grade-47, 7th Grade-29, 8th Grade-57, 9th Grade-38, 10th Grade-40, 11th Grade-34, and 12th Grade-25.  Also, 100 parents provided comments at the end of the survey as well.

Of the Parents who have completed the survey:

·        5.9% stated their child has a medical condition that might prevent him/her from attending school in the fall.

·         94.8% of the parents want their children to return to school in the fall.

·         95.1% of the parents would have their children attend school 1 or 2 days per week if our District has to go to a Hybrid model for learning.

·         26.6% of the parents would be interested in a virtual delivery of instruction for their children by way of Black Hills Online Learning Community (BHOLC) or Edmentum.

·         7.3% of the parents stated they did not have access to reliable WiFi/internet connectivity.

·         24.5% of the parents stated they would need bus service for their children.  9.9% said their children would not be riding the bus and they would find alternate transportation.

·         26.2% of the parents do not have a supervision plan/child care option for their children if the District went to a hybrid or remote learning model.

     Thank you parents for providing our District very valuable feedback as we work to complete our "Return to Learning Plan" for the 20-21 school year.  Once a draft of our plan has been completed, it will be made available for staff and parent feedback.