District Honors Retirees

On the morning of Tuesday, May 21 the Beresford School District honored its staff for their years of dedicated service at a Recognition Breakfast.  The District also honored their four retirees after school on May 21 at an Open House at the Bridges. 

The following staff members were honored with retirement and service awards for their commitment to the education of children in the Beresford School District.  Please click on the following link to see all of the pictures from the awards presentation:  https://5il.co/7swg

District Retirement Awards

Mrs. Dawn Coggins, MS/HS Technology Teacher

(30 years in education—30 years at Beresford High School)

Ms. Pamela Conklin, MS/HS Special Education Teacher

(33 years in education—28 years at Beresford High School)


Mrs. Ginny Gustad, Technology Coordinator

(23 years in education—10 years in the Beresford School District)

Mr. Kevin Nelson, Elementary School Principal

(37 years in education—22 years at Beresford Elementary School)

30 Year Service Awards

Mrs. Dawn Coggins, MS/HS Technology Teacher

Mrs. Rhonda Peterson, Business Office Administrative Assistant

Mr. Jan Antonson, North Campus Custodian

25 Year Service Award

Mrs. Tricia Diefendorf, MS/HS Special Education Aide

20 Year Service Awards

Mrs. Ann Kropuenske, Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Stephanie Schoellerman, Second Grade Teacher

Mr. Rob Wilson, MS Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Jim Kribell, Transportation Director

20 Year Service Award

Mrs. Donna Neuman, MS Language Arts Teacher 

15 Year Service Awards

Mr. Brian Field, Superintendent

Mrs. Shellie Pratt, MS/HS Guidance Counselor

10 Year Service Award

Mrs. Ginny Gustad, Technology Coordinator

5 Year Service Awards

Mrs. Mara Eriksen, Elementary School Special Education Teacher

Miss Audrey Graber, High School Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Becky Jensen, HS Math Teacher

Mrs. Noelle Muller, MS Reading Teacher

Mrs. Bridget Twedt, MS/HS Ag Education Teacher

Mrs. Stephanie Voss, Fifth Grade Teacher

Mr. Dave Neuman, SC Custodian 

Mrs. Lois Savey, Elementary Special Education Aide

The District also recognized its teacher candidates from the University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University for the impact they had on our students, staff, and schools during the 2018-19 school year and wished them the best in their future careers:

Miss Mackenzie Kopren—4th Grade

Miss Olivia Bruening—2nd Grade

Mrs. Katherine Coffeen-Spencer—2nd Grade

Miss Theresa Godlewski—MS/HS Math

Mr. Andrew Gray—K-12 P.E. & Health

Mr. Taylor Hento—MS/HS Social Studies

Mr. Joseph Mazour—K-12 P.E. & Health

Mr. Jacob Meyer—5th Grade

Mr. Kevin Styles—HS English

Mr. Matt Taverna—HS English

Miss Haley Unzen—Kindergarten

Miss Lesley Soles—MS/HS Ag Education

Mr. Austin Herrboldt—5-12 Band


The District also recognized its staff members who are leaving at the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year.  The District thanked them for their service to our students, staff, and schools and wished them the best in their future endeavors: 

Mrs. Stephanie Hofer—Elementary SPED Aide

Mrs. Nancy Larson—Elementary SPED Aide

Mrs. Mara Eriksen—Elementary SPED Teacher

Mr. Dalton Hannasch—Spanish IAM Teacher

Mr. Jim Kribell—Transportation Director

Mr. Chris Tucker—SC Custodian


The 2019-20 school year will commence with students on Wednesday, August 21.