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Bus Drivers Needed!


The District is willing to pay for the cost of the bus driver physical (every two years), computerized exam at the Department of Motor Vehicles and also for the cost of the driving exam with a 3rd party examiner in Sioux Falls.  In order to drive the Beresford School buses, you will need a Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with a school bus endorsement and a passenger endorsement on your license.  Upon successful completion of all of the exams and verification by your updated driver’s license, the District will pay you $250 for the time you invested to complete training and required exams.  Once you are a certified bus driver, you will be subject to random alcohol and drug screening several times during the school year at Beresford Schools.  The District will also pay for your Federal and State criminal background check.


The new 17-18 hourly wage for co-curricular bus drivers is $15.00 per hour for drive time (on the road) and $11.00 per hour for sit-time


If you are interested, please let me know so that summer arrangements can be made for the following:

  1. Federal and State criminal background check.

  2. Physical exam at the Beresford Clinic.

  3. The mechanics of a school bus—inside, outside, tires, engine, etc.

  4. Pre-trip inspection checklist.

  5. Prepping and practice tests for the Class B CDL, including the school bus and passenger endorsements.

  6. Practice driving, with obstacles and bus stops.

  7. A review of what the 3rd party examiner is looking for when monitoring and evaluating the driving exam.

Brian Field, Superintendent

(605) 763-4293