Student Health Information

Julie Limmer, School Nurse

What immunizations does my child need to start school?

When should I keep my child home from school?

What if my child has a peanut/tree nut allergy?

What if my child has head lice?

If a student is found to have live head lice, their parent/guardian will be contacted to pick them up for treatment.  The student may return to school after treatment has been completed.  Upon returning to school, the child will be re-checked for live lice.

If live lice are found, the child will be re-checked every school day until no more live lice are found.  If nits are found, the child will be re-checked weekly until the nits are gone.  If the child has siblings in the district, they will also be checked.

If live lice are a continued problem, the Department of Social Services may be contacted.

It is not necessary to do classroom head checks.  Other students who are in close proximity to a child with live lice, close friends, or coats/items that belong to that child will be checked.  If another student is identified as having live lice, the entire class will be checked at that time.