Assessments - The Beresford School District participates in all assessments required by the State of South Dakota.  The South Dakota assessment system is designed to provide districts, schools, and parents with the information they need to ensure that their students remain on track to reach their goals.  South Dakota public school students participate in annual summative testing in English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the results of these tests are included in the state accountability system.  In addition to annual tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics, South Dakota requires assessment of Science and Writing annually, and provides schools and teachers with resources to utilize other assessments to help identify strengths, and areas for improvement.  Department of Education Information

Special Education - If you would like information on the District's special education services or would like to view a copy of its Comprehensive Plan for Special Education, please stop in the District Office at 301 West Maple.

Title I School - What do I know about my child's teacher?  The federal education law put in place by the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that all parents in a Title I school be notified and given the opportunity to request information about the professional qualifications of classroom teachers instructing their child.  If you are interested in this information, you may send your request to the building principal who will provide a timely response.  

Content Standards - "The Beresford School District provides comprehensive and appropriate instruction to all students in grades K-12.  All core subjects are aligned to South Dakota's Content Standards.  Many research-based strategies and a variety of tools, including technology, are used to actively engage students.  All students receive evidence-based core academic instruction and, as appropriate, strategic and intensive intervention supports matched to student needs."