GB General Reference Policy
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Veteran's Preference
GBC Staff Ethics
GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest
GBCB Staff Conduct
GBCBA Freedom of Expresssion
GBCBAA Search and Seizure
GBCBB Employee Use of Networking Sites
GBE Staff Health and Safety
GBEB Employee Communicable Diseases
GBEB-R Employee Communicable Disease Guidelines
GBEC Drug Free Workplace
GBG Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBGA District Involvement in Political Activity
GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBL Personnel Records
GBL-E Permission for Transfer/Release
GBL-F Notice of Release of Personnel Record
GBM-R Staff Complaints and Grievances
GCA Professional Staff Positions
GCB Qualifications of Teachers
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules
GCBB Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans
GCBC Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBD Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCBDD Military Leave of Absence
GCBE Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays
GCC Professional Staff Recruiting
GCD Professional Staff Hiring
GCDB Employee Criminal Background Checks
GCE Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCF Hiring Retired Employees
GCG Professional Staff Employment Status
GCG-E Professional Staff Employment Status
GCG-R Professional Staff Employment Status
GCJ Professional Staff Time Schedules
GCK Professional Staff Work Load
GCKB Coaches Rules Meeting Requirement
GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCLA Teacher Initiated Professional Travel
GCLA -E Teacher-Initiated Appliation for Professional Leave
GCLAA Staff Attendance at National/Regional Conferences
GCLB State Event Ticket for Activity Directors
GCN Professional Staff Evaluation
GCO Administrative Staff Evaluation
GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff Members
GCPC Retirement of Professional and Supoprt Staff Members
GCPD Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members
GCPD-E Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members
GCQB Professional Research and Publishing
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDBB Support Staff Compensation
GDBC Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBCC Classified Employee Work Agreement Attachment
GDBCD Uniform Purchase of Classified Staff
GDBDA Support Staff Sick Leave
GDBDA-A Sick Leave Payment Upon Retirement
GDBDB Support Staff Personal Leave
GDBDC Support Staff Jury Leave
GDBDE Family and Medical Leave
GDC Support Staff Recruiting - Posting of Vacancies - Hiring
GDI Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDM Staff Complaints and Grievances
GDM-E Formal Written Grievance Procedures
GDN Support Staff Evaluation
GDPD Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members