Procedures for Meal Charges

The Beresford School District recognizes that healthy, nutritious meals are an important component to student readiness and ability to learn. The district will offer nutritious and well-balanced meals through its food service program. The food service program is a self-supporting fund and unpaid charges place a financial strain on the program and on the district’s operating budget. To be fair and equitable, and in order to ensure compliance of all who participate in the food service program, procedures are established for methods of payment, charge availability, and collection methods.

Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to make meal payments in advance. Student meal accounts can be funded through multiple methods:

  • Cash or a check brought in to any school office.
  • Electronic credit or debit card, or e-check payments made through the Parent Portal.
  • Although discouraged, cash is accepted in the serving line. A “no cash back” procedure will be followed when students pay for their breakfast or lunch while in the serving line. All monies paid will be deposited into their account.

Families are encouraged to apply for free or reduced meals at any time, preferably before the start of the school year – applications are available at any school office and on the school website.

Meal charges are strongly discouraged, but we understand that an occasional emergency makes it necessary. The following apply regarding charges:

  • Students without adequate funds in their account will receive a regular school meal, and their account will be charged at the reduced or full-pay rate, depending on their eligibility. This option is available until their account has reached -$10.00.
  • A la carte items may not be charged at any time.
  • Students whose account has reached -$10.00 may be offered an alternative meal which maintains the USDA standards for a reimbursable meal. Their account will be charged at the reduced or full-pay rate, depending on their eligibility.
  • Email messages are sent out weekly to patrons with low and negative balances. Parents are asked to keep the school updated with their current email address.

Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s account through the Parent Portal. They can view the account transaction history, set up notifications for low balances, and set up automatic or scheduled payments.

Patrons whose account balances become excessively negative may be contacted by the Business Office to arrange for payment. When a payment plan cannot be agreed to, steps may be taken by the Business Office to collect the debt through Small Claims Court, a collection agency, or other means.

Accounts balances (positive and negative) are carried forward at the end of the school year. Refunds of positive balances will be made to students who transfer out of the district, and graduating seniors who do not have younger siblings in the Beresford Schools.