S.W.A.T. (Students Working Against Tobacco) 
walk away from tobacco  
We Believe:
that tobacco is addictive and that good health is personal responsibility;
that tobacco is socially unacceptable and contrary to a positive self-image;
and recognize how the tobacco industry markets its products to young people;
our vital role in shaping the attitudes of our peers.
Our Goal: 
to spread our tobacco awareness message to our peers;
to  increase self-esteem as we gain experience and skills that will help as adults;
to reinforced in their decision not to use tobacco.
Advisor - Kari Schroedermeier
Team Members 
Laura Bogue
Caden Ellingson
Gabrielle Engbarth
Josh Limmer
Ty Regehr
Mandy Schroeder
Kamrynn Sveeggen
Cadence Van Amber
Hayden Wilson